Meet Your Next Addiction: FutureGrind

Browsing the web for something interesting to publish and I stumbled upon this local game developer who is working on something I’ve been genuinely excited to play in roughly a year or so. The game is called FutureGrind and the game is described as Uniracer meets OlliOlli. Add in just how bright and colourful this game looks and I’m officially on board. Games where skill and precision are important parts to completing levels excite me. Which is why I adore the Trials franchise so much.


The purpose of the game is to match the grinder’s wheels to the matching colours. So blue would need to line up with the blue track and pink to the pink track. I wish I could explain it better but I’ll leave this blurb from the website describing what to do.

You have to get from the start of the track to the end in one piece, while scoring the most points possible. Be careful: do NOT let the wrong wheel touch. Your blue wheel can touch blue rails, your red wheel can touch red rails, but touch the wrong rail and you’ll cause a short circuit. Watch out, short circuiting leads to, well, a bit of a mess.

Survival is important in FutureGrind, but it’s really just the baseline. In order to succeed, you’ll need to get good at doing chains of tricks. Points are awarded to you based on how you grind on the rails. Balance on top of a rail for a Manual. Boost up into the bottom of a rail for an Undergrind. Dangle from the top of a rail for a Hanger, and so on. Rack up long grinds to increase your score. Do flips in the air for big points. Transfer between rails flawlessly to build your chain multiplier. Only skilled players will earn endorsements from The Sponsors and progress through the game.

We still have a ways to go until release day but the website states Q1 2016, roughly a year from now and will be coming to Mac, PC and PS4.


Bobby has been gaming since he was old enough to walk. Since then, the interest has only grown stronger, and here we are today. Follow Bobby on Twitter, and just go with it. @bpashalidis

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