Meet Your Maker

Play Meet Your Maker On Day 1 On PlayStation Plus

Behaviour Interactive‘s Meet Your Maker is launching Day 1 on PlayStation Plus as part of the April 2023 PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to launch Meet Your Maker as part of the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup,” says Ash Pannell, Creative Director of Meet Your Maker. “Meet Your Maker is a game about community and creativity. We can’t wait to see PlayStation players start raiding each other’s Outposts and all the incredible creations this dedicated and highly-engaged community will come up with.”

Set in a dying world where you play as the Custodian, the servant to the Chimera, you are part of a living experiment created as a last resort to save Earth.

“Every Outpost in Meet Your Maker requires you build a clear path from its entrance to the Genmat at its core – but nothing says this path should be easy to navigate,” says Justin Fragapane, Lead Content Strategist at Behaviour Interactive. “Build like a Maze Maker and turn the layout of the Outpost itself into yet another enemy for players to contend with. Twisting hallways, verticality, multiple branching corridors, and trap-filled dead ends are all great ways to confound Raiders.”

Raiders tackle the Outposts designed by players with one goal in mind — get in and grab the Genmat and escape alive. There is a ton of freedom in how you raid and what works for you depends on the player you are.

Head over to the PlayStation Blog for a ton of more details.

Meet Your Maker launches on April 4, 2023.