Meet The Cast Of Gears Of War 4


While Gears of War 4 was announced last year at E3, we knew nothing about it. The new developer, The Coalition has pulled back the curtain somewhat and has revealed the cast in this month’s Game Informer.

The series jumps 25 years into the future of the franchise, this time the child of Marcus Fenix, JD Fenix is the protagonist in Gears of War 4.

You’ll know Liam McIntyre as the rebel slave, playing the titular role of Spartacus.

McIntyre on JD: “It’s kind of terrifying, because I get to be the lead in a new era of Gears, which is unbelievable, amazing, and exciting. I’m the legacy, because my dad is Marcus Fenix. JD’s a soldier and a bit of a freedom fighter, and in his heart he’s a bit of a renegade. He’s different from Marcus, but he’s still that heroic archetype.

Laura Bailey needs no introduction as she has voiced multitudes of characters in game and anime throughout her career.

Bailey on Kait: “What’s interesting about her is that she grew up as an Outsider, so she’s been away from this military environment that the boys grew up in. It’s fun to do her dialogue because she approaches it from a different place. She has a less technical approach to everything she does because she’s never experienced anything like this. She’s a great entry point into this world, because she doesn’t know everything about it either.”


Eugene Byrd has had a long line of roles on television and video games with recent roles on Arrow as the brother of John Diggle.

Byrd on Del: “Del is cool. I had to play up the nuance because the friendship between him and JD meant a lot, so getting to know [Liam McIntyre] and actually becoming friends with him helped us play together. I think Del wasn’t a clean slate, so I had to give him a bit of a backstory, but then we were able to evolve it. We’re actually building it while we’re doing it.”

Read more at Game Informer here and see how The Coalition wants to return to franchise to its roots.

Gears of War will launch later this year on Xbox One.