MediEvil Launches In October

While Sony confirmed that the upcoming remake of MediEvil was to be featured on the second State of Play, we didn’t know a release date. Now we do though, as the remake launches on October 25, 2019 – right before the best holiday of the year!

During the State of Play live steam, Sony released a new trailer for the anticipated hack-and-slash title based off the 1990s property. I’mlovingthe aesthetic and how well that translates to today. Sir Daniel Fortesque takes on the evil sorcerer Zarok after having lost to him centuries ago.

Nick Accordino, currently a producer on the project wants you to know that they care about this game.

“In addition to a complete graphical overhaul, an improved camera system, and a brand-new narrator (brought to life by veteran voice actress Lani Minella) we’re adding a whole casket full of secrets to this PlayStation classic that we can’t wait for you to dig up.”