Diablo 4

New Diablo 4 Figures On The Way From McFarlane Toys and Blizzard Entertainment

The two companies are collaborating on three sets of figures out later this year

One of the most well-known names in classic comics and toy design is teaming up with Blizzard Entertainment for three sets of figures. MacFarlane Toys has signed a licensing deal to create collectable figures in the Diablo, World of Warcraft and the upcoming Warcraft Arclight Rumble universes.

The initial product launch will happen this fall, including toys from Diablo 4. Todd McFarlane himself says:

“What I try and do within the walls of McFarlane is to find big brands that look super-cool. It’s a fairly simple formula that can be very hard to find, but the talented creators over at Blizzard have been making and designing tons of fun, detailed and visually stunning worlds across their games for decades. And now, my company gets to go play in their sandbox.”


There’s no detail on precisely what figures will be released, but some may be inspired by the cosmetics found in the game itself. McFarlane’s style has been seen across several massive properties, including Spider-Man in the 90s and the fact that he created anti-hero, Spawn.

In our Diablo 4 Review in Progress we mentioned how the game’s overall look is top-notch. Judging by past creations and sense of style, the collaboration with McFarlane Toys could perfectly fit Blizzard and its franchises.