Lego Minecraft

May 17 is Minecraft – Day Celebrate With LEGO

I’m back with more LEGO news!

In case you had forgotten, May 17th is Minecraft Day. It’s a day to celebrate Minecraft entering beta 13 years ago in May of 2009, and all things pertaining to the game that is continually at the top of YouTube streams.

And this year, LEGO is helping you and yours to keep the building going with a few new family-friendly dioramas and more coming this summer when you’ve finished building these ones!

The Mushroom House


Coming in at 272 pieces, The Mushroom House is a little slice of faunas that you want to help Alex and Mushroom protect this house from an attack by a skeleton jockey!

When you are displaying, click on the housing walls and then remove them when it’s time for play!

The Rabbit Ranch


If you’re looking for something that’s a slight hop up the difficulty scale, The Rabbit Ranch is a 340-piece paradise for fluffy, hoppy friends!

Grow carrots, help rabbits hop, and keep things merry! Just make sure to keep the zombie and a TNT explosion away!

The Guardian Battle


While exploring Minecraft’s vast underwater world, you have run into a couple of particularly angry guardians of a ruin, who stand… or swim, ready to fire spring-loaded missiles at you!

The Creeper Ambush image

Have some fear because I’ve left the worst for last! The Creeper Ambush is exactly what it sounds like: an ambush by a red and right-ready-to-explode creeper, who is going to cause some damage if you don’t find a way to stop it with the help of your trusty looking glass!

There’s a lot to see and build with LEGO’s latest Minecraft kits, available now!