Minecraft Creator Series "Camp Enderwood" DLC

Mattel and Minecraft Partner on New Camp Enderwood DLC Map and Toy Line

I know it’s the dead of winter, but Camp Enderwood is calling!

The latest DLC for Minecraft Creator Series is available today.

Camp Enderwood is created by Mattel in partnership with Minecraft, and Cyclone Designs. It’s a brand-new map that offers players unique activities for no additional cost.

Try your hand at marshmallow roasting, arts and crafts, horseback riding, archery, trampolining, and disco dancing, and even take part in the Glamper Scavenger Hunt. There’s lots of fun to be had, but this wouldn’t be an Endermen-centric update without a few spooky surprises around every corner, Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood is the camp experience of players’ dreams—and their nightmares!

As part of the new map, Mattel is also offering a number of physical toys that earn you some pretty sweet in-game extras! In both the physical and digital worlds, Minecraft fans can explore Camp Enderwood with newcomer characters and fan favourites alike, including Top Athlete, Camp Rockstar, Glamper, Star Child, Gamer, Ska Kid, Craft Lady, Avid Adventurer, Moth Creature, Sunken Spirit, and the Yeti. Half of the Camp Enderwood character roster will be released as toys this spring, with the remainder debuting this summer..image

“We are proud to partner with Mattel on bringing Camp Enderwood to life,” says Federico San Martin, director of Minecraft consumer products. “Minecraft is focused on bringing our community thoughtful experiences through fun and engaging activities in new and exciting ways. We believe the unique and vibrant cast of characters within the toy line and DLC reflects the diverse and inclusive community of Minecraft.”