Massacre at the Mirage

Massacre at the Mirage Promises A Killer Night At The Movies

Look, going to the movies has become expensive.

But it isn’t exactly a killer… unless a killer is targeting your town’s movie theatre.

That’s what is up as the lights are down in Developer Tainted Pact and publisher Assemble Entertainment’s Massacre at the Mirage.

The town of Crimson Ridge is known for its cinematic jewel, an early-1900s theatre called The Mirage.

Normally, it’s a place for overworked teens to serve fresh popcorn to movie buffs worshiping the stars of the silver screen.

But tonight, it’s a playground for an amber-eyed killer dressed as a clown to pick off those worshipping in the hallowed halls of The Mirage.

In this atmospheric first-person adventure, you’ll operate and manage the Mirage cinema while serving guests and dealing with an increasing number of murders appearing on set.

Play as different characters, each with a unique perspective, including theatre staff and unsuspecting visitors, offering a well-rounded experience.

Explore the historically designated theatre where — tonight — a killer could be around any corner.

Massacre at the Mirage is a solo-developed game that will be released later this year. You can download a demo and wishlist the game now