The Mass Effect Andromeda Characters Are Siblings


We got our first look at Mass Effect running on the PlayStation Pro last night at the PlayStation event in New York. Bioware has revealed that the familiar option to pick between a male and female at the beginning, will now be between a brother and sister.

The real kicker though, is that we’ve also met their father. Mass Effect since the beginning, was about the Commander Shepard, and their adventures in this universe. With Mass Effect Andromeda, we can not only pick the gender but also one of two Ryder siblings.

The other sibling will also have a place in the story at intervals.

Mac Walters, the creative director on Andromeda spoke to PlayStation Access about this revelation.

He also revealed that two years ago we saw a character in N7 armour, this man is actually the father of the two Ryder siblings.

We’ll see more officially on November 7, or, N7 day, as this is when we’ll be seeing more from Bioware then.


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