Video Game Releases Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Sells 11 Million Copies

Per the latest financial results for PlayStation, Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has sold over 11 million units as of April 2024.


The last confirmed sales number was from February 2024, when ten million copies were confirmed to be sold. Before that, it was over 2.5 million copies within 24 hours of launching, then five million copies by October 30, 2023.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the latest entry in the franchise, following 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man and 2020’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The three titles have built an overarching storyline featuring many fan favourites, culminating in a Venom-centric storyline last year.

In our review from last October, Luke said, “Be Greater Together” touches every part of this original adventure and lends an easygoing and natural experience when it gets over the few stumbles of pacing and trying to pack in various iconic characters with individual stories. The story is also a three-act saga that can take a while to get swinging. But I can’t give enough praise for its final act.