Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 New Game Plus, New Suits Land On March 7

Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will receive a significant update on March 7, 2024, bringing players New Game Plus, new suits, and more.

“We cannot explain to you how grateful we have been for everyone who has picked up Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 over the holiday season. Everyone here at Insomniac Games is proud of the game, and we’re very excited to share details with you about the major title update that will hit your PS5 console on March 7,” says Community Director James Stevenson.

Update 1.002 brings New Game Plus with the ability to carry over your suits and abilities. You can also replay your favourite missions and unlock Ultimate Levels, Golden Gadget styles, and more.

Insomniac has added several suit styles for Peter’s symbiote story suits, so you can further customize your look in New Game Plus Ultimate Levels. Stevenson says you can set which colours your symbiote abilities show, too. The update includes new suits, including Marvel’s Hellfire Gala suits for Peter and Miles. Russell Dauterman created Peter’s suit design, and Miles gets his suit from Bernard Chang’s Hellfire Gala variant cover for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8.

Photo Mode receives an update, too, with new action figure mode and stickers. You can even change the time of the day in story mode once you’ve cleared it.

Furthermore, Insomniac also added Audio Descriptions and Screen Reader via Accessibilty updates. Cinematic Captions and High Contrast Outlines have also been added to this update.

Lastly, two new suits for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are collaborating with Insomniac Games, Marvel Games, and Gameheads.

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Early access to the Fly N’ Fresh suits will be available for $4.99 US/$6.75 CAD. Purchases of the Fly N’ Fresh suits will go to Gameheads’ mission to empower low-income youths and youth of colour to work and thrive in the video games industry. The suits will be available later for free at a later date.

Ted Price has an interview with GameHeads available on the PlayStation Blog.