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Marvel’s Avengers Next Gen Upgrade, Kate Bishop Delayed

Crystal Dynamics has announced a few things today and the first bit of news is that the next gen upgrades coming to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, will not launch next month. The other bit of news is that the anticipated Kate Bishop DLC, which was set to launch this month, is no longer happening.

Scot Amos, the Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics, confirmed the delays in a blog post. Amos adressed the rocky launch last month, with “a number of issues detracted from the enjoyment of the game,” and that this does not “align with Crystal Dynamics’ value of craftsmanship.” The studio has since apologized for the issues.

To make up for some of the issues, Crystal Dynamics is offering players of Marvel’s Avengers these gifts:

Beginning at 1:00 PM EDT October 22, players will receive a digital thank-you bundle, which includes:

  • Credits: 1500 – Enough for a Legendary Skin and Nameplate from the Marketplace
  • Units: 7000
  • Upgrade Modules: 250
  • DNA Keys: 20
  • A Sarah Garza-Inspired Nameplate (Because seriously, you’re the best.)

This bundle will be available until 1:00 PM EDT on November 5.

On the bright side, these are the changes coming to the game in the coming months:

  • Avengers Initiative Ping System: A system that will allow players to mark objectives, resources, health crates, and enemies, allowing players to command AI companions to hack/smash doors or prioritize specific enemies.
  • Reassemble Campaign Replay: An option to reset the Reassemble campaign and replay it with your Super Hero’s level and gear intact.
  • High Contrast Mode: An accessibility feature that will allow the player to apply solid darken veils behind text to improve readability.
  • Hero Icon Visibility: An option to adjust the display of identifying icons above a Super Hero’s head to be on by default or dynamic.
  • Mission Reward Clarity: Improved clarity around mission-specific rewards when viewed on the WAR TABLE. This will allow players to more strategically take on missions to meet their current goals and seek out specific gear and resources.
  • Offscreen & Ranged Enemy Attack Indicators: Better feedback for players to avoid offscreen and ranged enemy attacks.

Player retention has been an issue since launch with many players having a lack of post-game content to keep them busy. Crystal Dynamics even addressed the news after speaking to Kotaku about it.

“Every day we fight to make the best game possible for our community,” said Scot Amos. “We have a great community management team at Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix who funnel all of your concerns, suggestions, and feedback to the development team daily. We are listening. We are making fixes, improvements, and additions as fast as we safely can to make Marvel’s Avengers the game we all aspire it to be.

There have been some decisions like platform exclusive characters like Spider-Man on PlayStation, the numerous MTX transactions within the service and the lack of content that is driving people away. We’ll update more as it becomes available.