Marvel Rivals

PVP Shooter Marvel Rivals Announced

Marvel Games and Netease Games revealed Marvel Rivals, a superhero team-based PVP shooter

Marvel Rivals allows you to create a team of Superheroes and Villains whose unique superpowers can be used to battle across the Multiverse. It is being developed for PC by veterans who have previously worked on Call of Duty and Battlefield.Marvel Rivals Game Screenshot Battle

“We are overjoyed to bring Marvel Rivals to players around the world. We have always loved Marvel’s universe and its characters, and we are so excited to be developing this game,” said the Marvel Rivals Producer Stephen Wu. “This is the game we want to make, and we feel very lucky to be the team who made all of this come true.”

Marvel Rivals is one of our most ambitious game development projects. Since the conceptualization of the game and throughout our collaboration, our Marvel team has poured our hearts and souls into this project, and we are thrilled to work with the incredible team at NetEase Games to help deliver the ultimate Super Hero team-based PVP shooter,” says Jay Ong, Head of Marvel Games.

Marvel Rivals Game Screenshot Black Panther Magik

Several superheroes will be available, including the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and more. The trailer shows several heroes, including Black Panther, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Magik.

You can combine characters’ abilities to unlock incredible Team-Up Skills. This allows you to create unexpected strategies that can change the course of any battle.

Some examples shown were riding on Groot’s back as Rocket Raccoon or using the Hulk’s Gamma energy to supercharge Iron Man’s armour.

Some of the maps you’ll see in the trailer include Asgard and Tokyo 2099, where you can use your powers to alter the terrain. From the sound of it, much of the map is destructible.

Marvel Rivals features seasonal content including new heroes and maps with new content spread out to provide a reason to return.

We also learned a bit about the story which features Doctor Doom and his future counterpart forcing the Multiverse to collide and battle thanks to the Timestream Entanglement, which leads to new worlds.

A closed alpha test is planned with registration open via the official website.