Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush Gets New Character, New Course, and More

Having launched just over a month ago, Nintendo is injecting new content into Mario Golf: Super Rush and it’s available beginning today.


On Twitter this morning, the official Nintendo of America account revealed that Ranked Mode would be available, new character Toadette, with the Super Mario Odyssey-themed New Dunk City course and also improved motion controls.

During my review, I said that if developer Camelot decided to stick it out and support Mario Golf: Super post-launch, then the game had a bright future. It looks like Camelot is doing just that with this new update and I’m excited to see what else they decide to add in future updates. For a golf game, it’s pretty good on the Nintendo Switch and it’s easily one of the best Camelot releases in years.

Nintendo confirmed more updates would be coming later this year.