Maquette Coming to PlayStation

Maquette is coming to PlayStation as part of the PlayStation Indie initiative announced early today.

It is being touted as a puzzle game with story elements spread out throughout the game. It’s about uncovering memories of a young couple in love, and it asks you to solve puzzles through creative thinking.

Imagine that for this experiment the entirety of Maquette’s game world is just a house and every player action happens inside that house. Now imagine there’s a small model of that house sitting on a coffee table in the living room. If you look inside the house you’ll see exactly what’s on the real house as a smaller version. But these are not two different houses — they are both instances of the same world living simultaneously, so the world is nested inside of itself.

So if you open the front door of the house and open the door, then move back towards the model of the house, you’ll see the door is also open. The developer also mentions if you use your finger to close the model’s front door, you can hear the real front door close at the same time.

Items too heavy to lift in the real world can be picked up in the model house, and even moved around. It also moves the item in your house.

Currently, there is no release date for Maquette but it sounds exciting.