Manor Lords

Manor Lords Wants To Be The Ultimate Medieval Experience

Manor Lords is coming to PC Game Pass in April.

The latest offering from Dallas’s Hooded Horse brings the city-builder to the times of castles and kings.

According to Abhishek Chaudhry, marketing manager for the game, authenticity and deep strategy are paramount to the experience on offer. 

You’ll have to learn how to make do with whatever you are given and learn the ropes quickly if you want your castle to thrive.

You’ll have to learn about burgage plots, a term used to describe how lots and land were used. In Manor Lords, this works as a system that, according to Chaudhry, “fundamentally changes how you plan to house as each home will produce a variety of resources, from eggs and vegetables to bread and clothes, and more as your city grows and develops new capabilities.”

Aside from thinking about production, you’ll have to think about the means of production. Access to water, soil quality, and even a realistic season system will determine how your show happens. 

Weather conditions also affect combat. “Trudging through mud can slow them [soldiers] down, and fighting in the rain can significantly change the likelihood of survival,” explains Chaudhry. 

Weather isn’t the only thing that impacts your troops. This isn’t the Age of Empires, so you can’t just use resources to train soldiers. Nope! Soldiers in Manor Lords are citizens who are already a part of your kingdom and part of your means of production. If you choose to have them go off to war, you’ll be left with a gap in production. If soldiers fall in battle, you’ll lose workers until more villagers migrate to your kingdom.

Manor Lords will be coming to PC Game Pass first in April, but Chaudhry says that Xbox console players will have it shortly afterwards on Game Pass. 

“There are so many players out there that we know would love to get lost in Manor Lords but play exclusively on console. They shouldn’t be left out, and now they won’t be!”