Sci-Fi Multiplayer Mannequin Announced For PS VR2

The PlayStation Blog hosted Fast Travel Games today to reveal Mannequin, a new sci-fi multiplayer coming to PS VR2 next year.

“In Mannequin, our first original IP since 2019’s The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, the world is reeling from the appearance of an extraterrestrial presence. Sites across the globe have started mysteriously freezing in time, and first responders called to these areas have become motionless, helpless statues.

Not only that, but a race of alien beings has been discovered at these locations, known to you and me as Mannequins. They boast potentially life-threatening abilities, and it’s up to a team of special Agents to hunt down these supernatural new threats before they fall victim to the Mannequin’s powers,” says James Hunt, Creative Lead at Fast Travel Games.

Essentially, a game of cat and mouse unfolds with each round. A standard match of Mannequin has three players working together as aliens, and two other players serve as agents. The Mannequins can post and freeze themselves, turning into a statue and looking like one of the trapped first responders.

Agents armed with technology that scans levels for the Mannequin’s location will help deter the aliens. You can catch the enemy in the act or figure out which statue is an alien and then blast them with a laser pistol. The first team to wipe out the other one wins, and there are more twists when the game launches.