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Make Your Own Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cover

We’re so close, so close to the launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition and while I like the cover of the remaster, it never really featured the characters I grew close to, not entirely at least.

That’s why this custom art creator from EA and BioWare is neat as it allows you to customize your version of Mass Effect‘s cover. Sure, I was always a Paragon in my playthrough of Mass Effect but you may be a full-blown Renegade or even a Neutral commander. I always went with Miranda and Garrus as my squadmates when I could and I trusted Jacob over the others. What you’re being asking is to choose your “Favourite Squadmates” and “Trusted Companion,” which help generate the final image for you to share!


What’s cool is you can share it on your social channels or create a wallpaper for your computer to personalize your home screen. The 4K render is great, but the fact it allows me to choose a size for Twitter is a perfect talking point with my colleagues to see who they chose during their playthrough. You can even select the image to fit perfectly onto your home screen.

For what it is, it is a nice little thank you to fans who adore the series and find themselves attached to certain characters within the game.