Bulletstorm VR

Major Update For Bulletstorm VR Brings New Game Mode, Weapons and Much More

There’s an even bigger Bulletstorm coming to Bulletstorm VR!

People Can Fly, and Incuvo S.A. is announcing that a free major update will be shooting into the popular VR title later this year.

The update will include a new “Horde Mode”, upgraded weapons, new skillshots, an improved energy leash, and some love for us southpaws with a new left-handed mode.

Today’s news also comes with the two companies apologizing for rushing the launch back in January. Editor-In-Chief Bobby Pashalidis handed the VR reboot of an arcade classic one of our first “Not Recommended” distinctions of the year — praising the bombastic combat but saying that the technical issues began to pile up quickly. 

To both the developer’s and publisher’s credit, they have launched three smaller fixes patches since then and promise this new major update will bring them much closer to the initially intended product.

“I’m excited to reveal that we’re investing heavily in bringing the biggest and best version of Bulletstorm VR to PICO and existing platforms with a brand new ‘Horde Mode.’ Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping VR experience like never before!” says Dmitry Muratov, VR senior publishing producer at People Can Fly.

“I am thrilled to collaborate with our talented development team to introduce exciting new features and enhance the overall core experience of Bulletstorm VR,” says Honorata Najda-Szajewska, Senior Producer at Incuvo. “We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional gaming experience that will captivate players and elevate our game to new heights.”