Madden NFL 25 Review

So it has been 25 years since Madden took the world by storm. 25 years of innovation has led to this moment. 25 Years of endless touchdown celebrations and bone crushing tackles. You would think for 25 years they could have done a little more than a few trivia questions in the loading screens. They did however manage to bring one amazing football game.

At first it’s hard to tell the difference between Madden 25 and Madden 13 game wise.  But after the first few plays you will feel a big difference. The new Infinity Engine 2 makes a major difference. Lineman can make the difference and actually block the right defenders down field. Break down over perusing defenders like never before. You really notice this in the return game, bringing a kick return to the house almost every time before was unheard of.  But now with proper game mechanics it’s easier than ever.

Connected Franchise – with all the new features in this game mode, keeping all the great things from last year Connected Careers.

XP and skill progression for players and coaches has been tuned to help you progress a lot faster. With an all new interface that allows faster navigation through the menus. One of the fan favourites from Madden 13 was the ability to play as a legendary player and coach in Connected Careers. This year you have the option to play as Nigh Train Lane, Sammy Baugh, Steve Largent, Cris Carter, Dan Marino to name a few. The list of legends in this game is a pretty impressive.

This year in Madden Ultimate Team chemistry is back.

You will find yourself using lower ranked payers to accommodate your desired team chemistry. This adds a fun and unique customization to your team to fit your game play.

I think my biggest problem with the changes this year is the shortened games in MUT. The shortened quarters seem too short. Three minute quarters in my opinion are just too short. You can finish a game in two possessions. This hearts the game in my opinion; from your first game you’re likely to see guys running the clock from the first play of the game. Now this is a great strategy for the win, but as a gamer you can find yourself getting very bored of this new low possession football and a lot of time standing around well your opponent starts running the clock from the first snap.

With no word on Draft Duels; I was unsure of the lifeline of this mode this year. Now on the upside the change of overall player ranking is a refreshing take, with no more 99 5 STAR overall players. The change in playing games is great now you play a season when you are playing Head to Head. With coin and pack rewards for winning your Season and Playoff games. This will encourage you to play more games online to increase your team’s value.

The changes in the packs are nice to see as well, with all cards being in Pro Packs. We seemed to have a hard time getting good players in packs (over 900 Pro Packs and no Legend). This might frustrate the average gamer; I was a fan of a legend guarantee in every legend pack.

With all the changes in the game it still is by far the best Madden to date. Whatever you love the Madden franchise for, it’s in here and a hell of a lot more. This game feels like definitive version that takes the best and turns it into something great jumping point for anyone interested in the franchise.


Bobby has been gaming since he was old enough to walk. Since then, the interest has only grown stronger, and here we are today. Follow Bobby on Twitter, and just go with it. @bpashalidis

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