Mad Catz Returns!

Mad Catz originally closed up shop in March last year, and low and behold, the company I remember buying controllers from as a child, has used up one it’s lives to return to what it does best: peripherals.

According to CNET, the employees of a Mad Catz factory formed a holding company that bought the brand in order to keep it alive. These owners are the very people who created and assembled the accessories for the markets. Now known as Mad Catz Global Limited, the freshly revived company will work on bringing back some of the products Mad Catz was known for and improve on them. That’s right, the same people who spent hours assembling these items will now run the company, and is now based out of Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Mad Catz will return to CES, an event held annually in Las Vegas, and returns with a new but familiar line of products, including the RAT mouse, STRIKE keyboard, GLIDE surface, and FREQ headset. The company wants to focus on developing their line once more, dialing back on the products that were available before and reworking on the more successful ones.

The company went under last year largely due to co-releasing Rock Band 4 peripherals. Needless to say, it was not as successful as needed to ensure survival and Mad Catz went under.

What a great comeback story.