Indiana Jones and The Great Circle

MachineGames Explains Why Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Is First-Person

After yesterday’s reveal for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, social media was curious why MachineGames used first-person over third-person.

Become Indiana Jones

The trailer we saw during the Developer_Direct featured first-person gameplay with traversal, and while the brief look at gameplay looked wonderful, many assumed we’d see a third-person game.

Speaking to Lucasfilm, MachineGames breaks down a lot of trailers shown yesterday, with director Jerk Gustafsson answering questions, including a lingering one.

“First-person gameplay is part of MachineGames’ DNA, and we wanted to see how we could use this to create a really immersive experience around stepping into the shoes of the world’s most famous archaeologist,” reveals Gustafsson.

“It also separates our game from many other action-adventure titles, making it a unique experience that you cannot find anywhere else. However, we still want to show Indy as much as possible, so we have a seamless flow between first-person gameplay and third-person actions, events, and cinematics.”

I can only assume Gustafsson says “other action-adventure games” and means Uncharted and Tomb Raider because those series share DNA. Without Indiana Jones, neither series would exist.

To further push this notion home, a separate article from Bethesda interviewing Design Director Jens Andersson drives home the reasoning for first-person.

“Our game is about putting you in the shoes of an iconic hero. Since we are doing this mostly in first-person, you have the chance to truly become Indy. First-person makes you part of this world – allowing you to explore and experience things more intimately. What will you do when you’re dropped into this adventure with your wits and your whip?”

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle will launch later in 2024 on Xbox Series and PC.