Macaulay Culkin Joins Angry Video Game Nerd To Play Home Alone Games

I didn’t realize that James Rolfe was still making videos under his Angry Video Game Nerd moniker but I’m glad he is. I forgot how funny he can be. So when I found this weekend that James released a new video that included Macaulay Culkin, I had to check it out!

The two of them manage to replay all the Home Alone games from NES to SNES games and even the games on Sega Genesis. There’s even a European-only version available on PlayStation 2, but we didn’t manage to see what that one looked like. Luckily, there’s enough grime in the other games that this video is worth checking out.

I had the most experience playing the SNES games, which made absolutely no sense and were insanely difficult. I remember giving up playing them and returning them because it was awful and hadd nothing to do with the movies. Seriously, watch the video and revel that we don’t need to deal with games like this anymore. Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, video game tie-ins were the absolute worst and were everywhere!