Luna Abyss

Bullet Hell Shooter Luna Abyss Release Gamescom Trailer Showcasing New Gameplay and Characters

As a part of Gamescom this week, publisher and developer Bonsai Collective has released a new trailer for its upcoming bullet hell action-adventure shooter, Luna Abyss, which shows off new gameplay elements alongside the title’s characters and enemies players will meet along the way.

Luna Abyss sees players take control of the game’s protagonist, Fawkes, who finds themself imprisoned below the service of the titular mimic moon colony, Luna, with a sentence of over 9,000 days, close to a 25-year sentence. Our imprisoned hero finds themself incarcerated in the blood moon due to embodying the characteristic red eyes of the Marked Ones while feeling alone – she isn’t alone as watching over you is your fellow cellmate and artificial correctional officer, Aylin who serves as the game’s guide.

Luna Abyss isn’t a waiting game; you can cut down your prison sentence by taking on tasks as a scout by exploring the Abyss. In this underground lost colony structure, your goal is to find forgotten technology and uncover the mysteries of this place. Your guide isn’t well-versed in humans as they follow directions from the mysterious All-Father. She tries to be helpful on Fawkes’ journey, which usually leads to her making questionable decisions throughout the game.

“The story is an important part of the Luna Abyss experience that Bonsai Collective has been crafting, so it’s finally great to put it front and centre in this brand-new trailer. We can’t wait to show the game to more of our peers at Gamescom,” Bonsai Collective creative director Bennis Hill said in a press release.

The first-person shooter gameplay of Luna Abyys will let players attempt to survive deadly bullet-hell encounters as they run into corrupted souls-like enemies and the never-fun twisted cosmic horrors. To successfully get through your journey, players must master their weapons while getting used to making “split-second decisions in [this game’s] fast-paced, explosive, bullet-hell combat.”

Luna Abyss is currently in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S – no release date or window was given at this time, but for Steam players, you can check out the game’s demo on Valve’s platform and get a taste of what Luna Abyss has to offer.