Luminous Engine’s Ray Tracing Demo Is Really Good

Square Enix is one of the best Japanese studios when it comes to graphics, that much is true. Previous demo showcases did a wonderful job in showing us what the future of games had in store in terms of graphical power. Seeing the latest from Luminous Productions, a studio owned by Square, revealing their new Ray Tracing demo is something worth looking at.

In only two minutes, the Back Stage clip features a young woman sitting at her makeup station and applying her make up. Powered by a single GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, that runs in real-time with full path-traced ray tracing, and advanced form of ray tracing. This enables real-time rendering in the lighting, reflections, and shadows. There’s an unprecedented amount of detail in the scene and the result is stunning.

Back Stage is a showcase demo of our work to answer the question, “How can you use ray tracing in a next-generation game?” says Takeshi Aramaki, head of Luminous Productions, “GeForce RTX graphics cards have power beyond our imagination, and with NVIDIA’s technology even real-time path tracing has become a reality. Together with Luminous Engine and RTX technology, we have taken one more step forward towards the kind of beautiful and realistic game that we strive to create.”

The studio previously worked on bringing Final Fantasy XV to life.