Luigi's Mansion 2 HD

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Unveiled During Nintendo Direct

The HD remaster is coming Summer 2024

During today’s Nintendo Direct, a trailer was shown for Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, dragging Luigi back to another house of horrors and ghost-busting. The HD glow-up of the Gamecube title adds four-player local and online multiplayer modes, like Rush, where players make a mad dash to the exit before time runs out.

The official trailer description reads, “Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is releasing for Nintendo Switch in summer 2024. Welcome to Evershade Valley, a place that’s screaming and teeming with the supernatural. Luigi and his vacuum-like device, the Poltergust, ensue mansion mayhem and Luigi must face his courage to save the day! Up to 4 players can play together locally and online across different multiplayer modes.”