Ludvig Forssell

Ludvig Forssell Leaves Kojima Productions, Will Be Freelance

If there was one thing that stood out to me about Death Strandingit definitely was the music. BB’s Theme is one of the most moving pieces and it has stuck with me almost a year and a half later. So, hearing that Ludvig Forssell, who worked on the soundtrack, is leaving Kojima Productions, well, that stings.

“After 10 years working in-house as a composer/audio director at Kojima Productions, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be pursuing my future as a freelance composer,” Forssell tweeted. “It’s been a blast! Thanks, Kojima Productions! Now, I’m happy to tackle a variety of projects in all types of media.”

He announced the news on Twitter and posted a link to his personal website which includes sample tracks and the option to contact him if you want to work together. Developers, if you’re reading this – hire this man.

The music was a pivotal part of Death Stranding and in our review, we said that Death Stranding is far from the perfect game but it’s the perfect game to talk about. Hideo Kojima doesn’t just deliver a video game, but an experience packed to the brim with ideologies and philosophical questions; going back decades and including the Metal Gear series.