Lucid, The Celestoidvania Game Arrives In 2024

Eric Manahan of The Matte Black has been on the teams behind some pretty big games, but now it’s time for him to go smaller and work on an absolute passion project.

That project is Lucid — a Celestoidvania that promises it’s going to pair “the precision platforming of Cave Story, and the world-building of Souls-like giants.

To me, this game looks like a fluid and calming Avatar: The Last Airbender-like runner… you know, as calming as a crystal-energy-powered calamity involving a wide cast of enemy types and bosses can be!

“With Lucid, I’m devoted to letting players tell as much of the story as they like, in precisely their own way,” said Eric Manahan, founder of The Matte Black Studio. “From the narrative threads you choose to tug on, to the Crystal Arts and movement tech you embrace the most, Lucid aims to let you write your own legend in a shattered world of platforming bliss.”

A press release for the game sets the scene, exclaiming, “Explore Aedyn, an enigmatic land replete with crystals, in the wake of the apocalyptic Great Fall. The Lucid Giant has fallen and only a few remaining Sentinels, practitioners of the Crystal Arts, can stop the corruption soaking the land. Take up the fight as Oenn, a young, stone-skinned Junior Sentinel. Seek the shattered pieces of the Lucid Giant and confront the ancient, celestial entity which threatens Aedyn.

Expand Oenn’s mobility and enhance his combat arsenal with the five Crystal Arts—rewards for braving memorable dungeons like the icy climb of Onyx Ridge or the toxic gloom of Welltown. While Oenn can jump, dash, and pulse on his own, chain the Crystal Arts together to traverse impossible gap distances and unlock devastating combo attacks. Soften enemy armour from afar with the ranged Crystal Pulse before crushing their defences with an overhead Crystal Axe slam. Fire the Crystal Spear to break open a pathway above or use its “down air” as a pogo to extend Oenn’s jump.”

LUCID is being supported by publisher Apogee Entertainment and is coming 2024 to all platforms. However, you can add it to your Wish List now!