Lost Orbit Available Today


If you read our review and thought about picking up Lost Orbit, you’re in luck, the game is out today!

A fast paced and deadly dodge ’em up game, LOST ORBIT is set in a world filled with risk, loneliness, wonder and death. Players take control of a lone astronaut who embarks on a dangerous journey to rejoin his civilization after a devastating space wreck. Armed with only an improvised set of equipment and a relentless spirit, astronauts will need to speed their way across four systems, survive more than 40 levels of intense challenges, and confront not only their mortality, but also what lurks in the darkness. To aid in the journey, survivors must upgrade their abilities and employ fast-thinking skills to complete their interstellar journey alive.


“Our goal with LOST ORBIT was to blend art, gameplay and music into a harmonious yet intense experience that has players travel on the rides of their lives,” said Alex Golebiowski, co-founder of PixelNAUTS Games. “With fast-paced gameplay, responsive controls, vibrant art and music, and difficult challenges, we believe LOST ORBIT encompasses everything we sought to make, and we think gamers will enjoy hurtling through the galaxy at near light speed.”





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