Lost Hellden

Hand Painted RPG Lost Hellden Announced

Artisan Studios, the developer on Astria Ascending, is working on Lost Hellden, with an expected 2025 launch.

Working on Lost Hellden are Takeshi Oga (Gravity Rush), working on illustrations, and Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XII), working on audio and music.

On the planet Era, the citizens are assigned to one of the Seven Deadly Sins during their first year of life through a religious ceremony known as the Nexus Ritual. They must resist temptations throughout their lives or become aggressive, mindless beasts. In such cases, representatives of the Unio religion, called Arkhons, are responsible for eliminating these monsters.

Something very unusual happened one day. Twin boys were born, and the planet’s leader, Prime Arkhon, wanted to conduct a special ceremony called the Nexus Ritual. However, during the ceremony, something went wrong, and one of the babies, named Leht, became connected to all seven sins, while the other baby did not.

Raised in the capital, the twins grow up to be presented as Arkhon apprentices until one day they escape.

Lost Hellden’s Steam page says you will engage with  “a battle system mixing action and strategy.” You’ll also control eight characters in 3D hand-painted environments.