Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Will Launch This October

Hexworks and CI Games revealed Lords of the Fallen will launch this October. Serving as a full reboot for the series, players will face challenging enemies across parallel worlds.

Set over 1,000 years after the original Lords of the Fallen, the game from Deck13, the follow-up will take players on a new journey in a world split between the living and the dead featuring an interconnected world.

A new trailer was revealed today and it showcases Lords of the Fallen running in Unreal Engine 5.”Mournstead has fallen, it’s the title card reads. “But one light still flickers in the ever-growing gloom, the light of the Dark Crusader.” There’s a lot to process after watching the linked video above but what we’re shown leaves me eager for more. There are some wonderful visuals and character designs seem to be on-point, also the combat looks challenging and even the boss battles might be impressive.

Set in the world of Mournstead, players will engage and battle across two realms in an attempt to stop Adyr, the demon God.