Lords of the Fallen

An Extended Look At Lords of the Fallen Gameplay

The latest video is over 17 minutes showing off lots of intense action

Dark fantasy, here we come! The latest video from Hexworks and CI Games‘ Lords of the Fallen is here, and it’s bringing with it some intense action and gameplay details we haven’t seen until now.

The nearly 20-minute video begins at Skyrest Bridge, an early-game boss encounter. In it, you can see and hear about the melee, magic, and ranged abilities that can be used against your enemies. The mechanics and gameplay look smooth and responsive, even in the most chaotic moments. This early battle also reveals that boss fights mainly consist of “two distinct stages.”

Throughout the video, you’ll also notice several regions ranging from mountain tops, toppled fortresses or castles, caves, and burning villages. Each one looks very distinct and has loads of detail at every turn. Lords of the Fallen appear to showcase modern consoles and capabilities with extensively animated and detailed surroundings.

“Alongside the living realm, Axiom, exists its undead counterpart, Umbral, with each realm featuring its own unique pathways, enemies, characters, and, of course, treasures.”

The gameplay looks very “souls-like,” with many parries, dodging, and timely attacks and counterattacks. On top of that, you can also see a variety of combat types. Sword and shield, large axes, a more swift and rogue-like approach with a bow and dagger, or even some spiked fists are all at your disposal.

Lord of the Fallen will also include a drop-in-drop-out co-op feature as well. Hexworks and CI Games say it will allow anyone to recruit a friend or team up with a random player to fight through the realms.

Lord of the Fallen will release on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series on October 13th.