Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Releases Extended Gameplay Trailer

CI Games and Hexworks released a brand new look at this year’s Lords of the Fallen, which is set to launch this October.

Set in a semi open-world, today’s extended gameplay preview features several environments you’ll journey through to over throw the demon God, Adyr. Each major area is interconnected with others and the freedom to proceed in any order is up to you.

“The team at Hexworks is thrilled to finally share an extended gameplay
presentation and reveal numerous new details of our dark fantasy
action-RPG,” said Saul Gascon, Head of Studio. “We have passionately carved
our own path in this increasingly popular genre, and we are particularly
excited to see how players will approach the game’s unique dual-world
mechanic when it releases this October.”

You’ll explore the land of the living, Axiom, and the land of the dead, Umbral in a dual realm mechanic that features unique pathways, enemies, and more. With the Umbral Lamp, you’ll be able to cross worlds at any time, at the cost of one of your lives. Dying in the land of the living means you resurrect in Umbral.

Today’s video also features a look at co-op, the ability to invite a second player to join from an in-game vestige. You can then choose to fight with a friend of a stranger. You can also craft your own vestiges in select places.

Lords of the Fallen launches on October 13 for PC, PlayStation 5 and
Xbox Series.