XSEED Loop8: Summer of Gods

Loop8: Summer of Gods Sure Looks Like Fun

Loop8: Summer of Gods is something I don’t expect a lot of people will play next year but that won’t stop me from posting about the project from XSEED and Marvelous USA.

Described as a coming-of-age tale, Loop8: Summer of Gods features protagonist Nini and his classmates who must work together as they aim to defeat Kegai, a demonic species bent on wiping out humanity. Humans reside on the space station Hope and some return to Earth. In Nini’s case, he returns to Ashihara, one of the few remaining sanctuaries on the surface. Nini is gifted with Demon Sight and is able to reset the world, allowing him and his allies to loop and relive the 8th month over and over until things go right or risk it all and watch as the Kegai swarm the planet.

My biggest reason for supporting Loop8 is the development team working on is also worked on some of my favourite PlayStation-era RPGs including Lunar and Grandia. Loop8: Summer of Gods includes senior producer Yoichi Miyaji (Lunar series, Grandia series), game designer Yuri Shibamura (Gunparade March, Touken Ranbu), character designers En Morikura (Kizuna Ai) and Shingo Adachi (Sword Art Online), mascot character designer Ryudai Murayama (Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin), concept artist Kitsuneiro (Amatsu Kitsune) and composer Noriyuki Iwadare (Ace Attorney series).

Today’s trailer focuses on the English localization of Loop8: Summer of Gods. In the trailer see the combat system, the cast of characters, and some of the team meeting and socializing with each other.

Currently, there is no western release date but we have a release window of Spring 2023 with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC ports.