Long Gone Days

Wartime-Setting RPG Long Gone Days Is Launching On October 10

Has Been in Early Access Since March 2018

They say “war has changed” as publisher Serenity Forge and developer This I Dreamt have announced Long Gone Days is leaving early access and will launch on October 10th for PC and all major console platforms, according to Gematsu.

This upcoming title from the Chile developer is a narrative turn-based RPG set during modern-day wartime that plays from the perspective of Rourke, a soldier who The Core chose to be a sniper at birth. Players will follow his first mission, where he realizes that the war he’s been training for his entire life isn’t what it seems; Rourke’s worldview of the war is snapped away as he attempts to stop the bloodshed as he is labelled a deserter.

The expert skills of a sniper that Rourke learned over this life come into play in Long Gone Days‘ combat as players will spot and take down enemies in turn-based scenarios along the way with his long-range weapon. In gameplay, players can be strategic by aiming for specific body parts on the enemies they’ll encounter, but be warned whatever choice you make on the shot you take will be felt in Long Gone Days‘ world and narrative. It isn’t just about sniping as Long Gone Days does help pace the game’s story with slice-of-life moments that help Rourke tackle language barriers and forge bonds on his journey that may help the player in the long run

It’s an overstatement to say that Long Gone Days has been a long time coming as the very idea of the game was first thought up by artist and writer Camila Gormaz in 2003 with first creating that early-day vision in RPG Maker 2000. Over a decade later, Gormaz returned to the Long Gone Days concept and created a demo in 2015.

Reception was so high after the demo’s release that it led to the creation of Long Gone Days‘s 2016 IndieGoGo campaign, reaching its goal with the project’s funds ending with $23.859 USD. Long Gone Days would launch on PC via early access on  SteamHumble StoreItch.io, and Game Jolt on March 28th, 2018. Close to five and a half years later, the game finally gets a major 1.0 release on PC and its debut on consoles.

Long Gone Days is set to release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch on October 10th.