So Long 3D, We’ll Miss You

2dsxl 2

Nintendo is set to release the Nintendo 2DS XL in a few months, with Nintendo pushing out one final revision to the ever-interesting handheld that’s faced a rocky release history. It’s bizarre to me how many times we’ve seen a revision to the hardware, and even now this late in.

The biggest draw is, of course, the death of 3D in Nintendo’s handheld, a technology that I feel never took off. Back in 2011, when 3D was the current trend, the Japanese company revealed the success of the DS, a glasses-free 3D that worked! Unfortunately, the 3DS launched but it wasn’t what Nintendo wanted, with slow sales, the system dropped in price.

nintendo 2ds

Of course, this isn’t the first iteration of the Nintendo 2DS, as the previous model from 2013 lacked the clamshell body and was rather uncomfortable to use. The follow-up, the 2DS XL features the overhauled control layout of the New Nintendo 3DS XL, the best version of the 3DS and removed the 3D function entirely

I enjoyed using 3D where available but only a few utilized the function well, Nintendo is developing a title that used 3D. Two titles that worked with 3D were Luigi’s Mansion being my favorite, followed by Kingdom Hearts 3D.

amiibo Pikmin

The system dropped 3D a few years back and swept it under the rug after realizing that the technology wasn’t blowing up like expected, leaving it behind and instead focusing on games, and now, many games even forgoing 3D entirely.

The Nintendo 2DS XL is set to launch July 28, 2017, and will cost $200 CAD.