Lock-On Deluxe Edition

Next Volume of Gaming Journal [lock-on] Has Started Its Funding Campaign

Lost In Cult says Vol. 006 will be its biggest yet

If the history of video game art, writing, and development is something you’re interested in, Lost In Cult has opened its funding on its next book chalk full of just that.

[lock-on] Vol. 006 is the “sixth standalone edition of our flagship series features over 400 pages of long-form essays, wonderfully paired with stunning design work and beautiful original artwork to make this the perfect celebration of the past, present, and future of games culture.”

Some big name games are covered in this volume, with long-running franchises like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and newer adventures like Oxenfree and Alan Wake.

Volume 006 will cover 65 different games with over 45 industry legends taking part. Lost in Cult says, “Explore the depths of The Legend of Zelda with our mammoth series deep-dive, with pieces on everything from Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker, to Phantom Hourglass and the CDi games, and an interview with Ganondorf voice actor Matt Mercer.”

On top of that, the stories behind franchises like Star Fox, Humanity, Vampire Survivors, and The Stanley Parable will be explored and discussed by the people who worked on and created these games.


[lock-on] Vol. 006 has two hardcovers in the works. The one you see above on the left, will be limited to the 2,000 Premium Edition sales and is illustrated by legendary Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano.

There is also a Deluxe Edition that will add a number of different art prints from Citizen Sleeper, stickers from Planet of Lana, a badge from Lil Gator Game, and more.

[lock-on] Vol. 006 is available to preorder now – shipping in Q2 2024.