[LIVE] GTA V Online Fast & Furious Who Got Beef Live Stream


In this GTA V Online Fast & Furious 8 Streamer Banging Edition, Beef and the Crew will be Banging on Streamers with Exotic Cars in this high energy GTA V Online Live Stream. We will buy the Jester in GTA V Online and customize it Come join Beef and the Crew in this crazy action GTA V Online non stop thriller . We will also be taking a look at some of the custom Races that we downloaded from the Rockstar Social website made by people all around the world in GTA V Online . This GTA 5 Online Fast and Furious 8 Live stream will feat some of the best cars and players that GTA V Online has to offer.


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Former Producer/On-air Co-star for the Ed the Sock Show (G4, City-TV, MuchMusic)

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