Tomb Raider

A Live Action Tomb Raider Series In Development at Amazon, Phoebe Waller-Bridge Attached A Writer and Executive Producer

Alongside the Tomb Raider anime series coming to Netflix this year, Lara Croft is also getting the live-action treatment as Amazon has ordered a series for its Prime Video service with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, better known as the star of Fleabag attached as writer and executive producer, according to an announcement from Embracer, MGM Studios, and Amazon.

“If I could tell my teenage self this was happening I think she’d explode. Tomb Raider has been a huge part of my life and I feel incredibly privileged to be bringing it to television with such passionate collaborators. Lara Croft means a lot to me, as she does to many, and I can’t wait to go on this adventure. Bats ‘n all,” Phoebe Waller-Bridge said today.

The news isn’t too surprising as Phoebe Waller-Bridge said as much early last year revealing that she was hoping to create something “dangerous and exciting” with a Tomb Raider TV show, according to Vanity Fair. The series is part of Amazon’s push to create a Marvel-like universe across the mediums of film, TV, and video games which makes sense as Amazon Games is also in collaboration to create the next Tomb Raider game with the Embracer Group-owned studio and Tomb Raider developer, Crystal Dynamics.

“Amazon MGM Studios and Amazon Games are incredible collaborators with a massive reach across the globe, enabling us to expand our Tomb Raider franchise with multiple new adventures and a shared passion for creating impactful, entertaining, emotional experiences for players and viewers throughout every facet of this universe. These timeless stories span all media platforms to meet audiences where they want to engage with Tomb Raider; it’s a critical step towards our future with fans everywhere,” Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos said.

It is still early days for the project as there is no announcement on who will play Lara Croft in the series alongside the rest of the cast. Although knowing how interconnected Amazon’s Tomb Raider universe will be, whoever gets cast in the role – the person you see on the streaming screen- will likely have the same voice you hear in the upcoming video game. Speaking of which, we don’t know what the release window of the untitled Tomb Raider game is, but it is described as “a single-player, narrative-driven action-adventure that is an all-new next chapter to Lara Croft’s legendary explorations in the Tomb Raider franchise.”

It’s unconfirmed if this Amazon universe will follow Crystal Dynamics’ Reboot trilogy narratively or not, until then we’ll have to wait and see. Although, you know what will? The franchise’s upcoming anime series on Netflix takes place after the final Square Enix game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The series is set to star Hayley Atwell as Lara Croft’s voice and will stream sometime in 2024.