We’re Getting a Live-Action System Shock Series

A new live-action series based on System Shock has been ordered to series on Binge, an upcoming gaming-focused entertainment platform.

Based on Nightdive Studios’ influential gaming series, the series is set in 2072 aboard the Citadel Station. Waking from a coma, the player tackles a rogue AI that subjects the crew of the Citadel Station to unimaginable horror.

The series will stream exclusively on Binge, with Allan Ungar producing alongside Nightdive’s Stephan Kick and Larry Kuperman serving as executive producers.

System Shock is an iconic franchise adored by gamers for more than two decades and a series that helped redefine what it meant to play an FPS,” said Ungar, Binge’s Chief Content Officer. “We’re excited to do right by the franchise – and the genre – in bringing System Shock to life. Get ready for SHODAN.”

Binge is currently working on Ubisoft’s Driver series, where it will bring the beloved franchise to live-action in 2022.

The original System Shock was launched in 1994 from LookingGlass Technologies and Origin System. Nightdive Studios is currently working on a remake that has been in development for the last several years.