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Live A Live Remake Sells Over 500,000 Physcial and Digital Copies Worldwide

After more than a month since the release of the Live A Live Remake, producer Takashi Tokita announced the milestone during a 28th anniversary Square Enix live stream for the original game. According to Gematsu. over 114,000 of the sales are attributed to Japanese physical retail sales.

Half a million may not sound much in a world of games selling many millions but compared to the Japanese-only 1994 Super Famicom release which sold 270,000 copies, the remake easily surpasses and almost doubles the original sales as a worldwide Nintendo Switch-only release. The original is considered a cult classic game that never officially made its west but now is officially available in English for the first which reviewer, Bobby said for him waS “a moment of pure happiness.”

“To be able to replay Live A Live in English, moreover, is a moment of pure happiness. The way the game has been remade is superb both visually and in terms of gameplay and its soundtrack. Certainly, we feel the game’s age that transcends decades but, beyond that, we have the impression of playing a new game that has just been created with retro style. Being an average of 20 hours game, Live A Live is a small RPG compared to what we have already experienced from Squaresoft, Enix or Square Enix to date, however, the game will remain a very nice experience to players,” Bobby said in his Live A Live review.

Hopefully, the news of sales for the Live A Live Remake will make Square Enix take another chance at reviving another game from its JRPG catalogue. I know for me, I would definitely be interested if the publisher took another HD-2D remake approach to something like Chrono Trigger, especially following the release of the Chrono Cross remaster.

Live A Live Remake launched on July 26th and is currently available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.