Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside Provides Update Alongside New Trailer

Neostream Interactive’s Little Devil Inside has appeared after three years away from the spotlight. In a memo published by the developers, it is revealed that the team once grew and then downsized to make their vision work.

“Dear all,

Began with a dream of two brothers.
You supported.
We became a team, then grew into a company and tried many hands to make light work.

Along the way in all efforts to making a great game, many great people have come and gone.
People with respectable but different purposes and pursuits.

In sharing these differences and thoughts, we were sometimes touched and moved and sometimes in conflict.
We are responsible for not being able to embrace the differences.

And of course, sincere apologies to you all.

So now, we’re back to a smaller, bonded team with a single, common purpose – just to make a great game.

And all our core founding and starting members still here with the duty and conscience to fulfill what we set out to do.

We know this doesn’t and shouldn’t justify for all the delays and lack of news but we’re still here, have been and always will be.

Equipped with one tide turning fact – having gone the long way around, we are stronger. Much stronger.

We have genuinely started discussions regarding publishing and once this clears out, hopefully we’ll be able to answer what everyone wants to know.

Thank you all.
For everything.

We’ve not forgotten. Never will.”

From the sounds of the note and what the new trailer shows, it seems like Little Devil Inside was soft rebooted

Kickstarter comments on the note have been mixed with some offering their support while other backers are upset there has been very little communication in the four years the project has been available.

“There is not a single reason to justify how you couldnt communicate just a small “we’re still here” over the last FOUR YEARS OF SILENCE since the last update sent here. We understood the shift in the project with Sony and the upgrade to the new engine. It would have taken such little effort to communicate the status of the project. So much so that there is nothing that can be done to repair the trust lost and the lack of faith any of us have in actually receiving our pledges,” says Haloboy.

“This Kickstarter is one of the reasons I don’t back much anymore,” reveals Jonathan Sampson.

We’ll report back if any new gameplay appears, but consider Little Devil Inside to be in development.