Listing Hints More Ghost of Tsushima Is Coming

Ghost of Tsushima

A recent job listing on Sucker Punch’s website is acting as a beacon for speculation, and you can guess why.

Said posting is looking for a narrative writer to join the team to “help create engaging narrative content for our upcoming projects.” Sounds standard from the summary, right? It does and the more you read into the job posting, the more it begins to hint that Sucker Punch is working on putting a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima into production.

And why shouldn’t they jump at the opportunity to continue with one of the best exclusive video games on PlayStation? Aside from a slow start in the early chapters, Ghost of Tsushima delivered an exciting and engaging romp through feudal Japan.

The studio is looking for an ideal candidate with AAA open-world experience, the “desire to write stories set in feudal Japan,” and “knowledge of feudal Japan history.” There’s enough here to gather and speculate that a sequel has the green light to proceed.

For now though, check out the recently released Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the online component that’s been a ton of fun to play so far.


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