Lince Works

Lince Works, The Studio Behind Aragami, Is Shutting Down

Bobby P

Lince Works, the studio behind Aragami and Aragami 2, has announced it is shuttering its doors next with development ceasing on all projects.

The particularly sad news comes via Twitter, where the studio confirmed that in April, the studio will close after nine years, “pouring our hearts and souls into creating immersive and entertaining games.”

In the post, Lince Works says that the “last couple of years have been particularly difficult,” as the studio shifted to new IPs and a new path for the studio. While some success was met, ultimately “the economic context was not favourable.”

“It breaks our hearts to know that all the work we have done for the past year will ultimately not come to a completion.”

“Although we may be closing our doors, the memories and experiences shared with the team and you, our fans, will remain forever,” the tweet says. “Thank you for being part of our journey and for making it an unforgettable one.”

Lince Works says its games will remain on all platforms for the foreseeable future