Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games is Supporting Video Game Books Now with Publishing Imprint Label, Press Run

The New Endeavour is being led by Former Game Journalists, Jeremy Parish and Jared Petty

It looks like Limited Run Games is going more ‘all in’ into its video game business model but not in the way you’d think with the launch of its very own book publishing imprint label, Press Run, according to an announcement on the company’s website. If you really think about it, it’s not exactly shocking as the announcement follows years of Limited Run Games releasing books alongside the launch of some of their bigger physical releases.  Some of Limited Run Games’ past major book releases were included in the deluxe edition of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Monkey Island Anthology, and Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1.

You could say that they know a thing or two about book publishing, so the news sounds more like the evolution of what the company has been doing. With that being said, project heads and former games journalists Jeremy Parish (1Up Network, USgamer, IGN, Retronauts) and Jared Petty (IGN, Kinda Funny, Electronic Arts) are going with the knowledge that while books are similar to games in some aspects, they are not the same and tackling from an s different perspective.

“Readers searching for meaningful, informed, and entertaining stories by great writers will find a lot to love in Press Run books. We’re helping authors share their passion for games with larger audiences… it’s a thrill to get up every day and be a small part of that process,” said Press Run Senior Editor, Jared Petty said in a statement.

Unlike with Limited Run Games, when a book sells out Press Run will reprint that book so it’s always in demand. The goal of Press Run is to publish “new, high-quality books on video games and game-adjacent topics on a monthly basis, starting today.” Press Run is launching with a mix of already produced books from Jeremy Parish and a couple of planned future releases already in production and is set to release this fall which is listed below.

  • Limited Run: The Complete Run Vol. I (2015-2016) – Available Now
    • Paperback ($24.99 USD) and Hardcover ($54.99 USD)
  • NES Works 1987 by Jeremy Parish – Available November 2022
    • Paperback ($34.99 USD ) and Hardcover ($39.99 USD)
  • Virtual Boy Works by Jeremy Parish– Available September 29th
    • Paperback ($29.99 USD) and Hardcover ($34.99 USD)
  • The History of Sunsoft Vol. I by Stefan Gancer – Available September 29th
    • Paperback ($19.99 USD) and Hardcover ($34.99 USD)
  • PlayStation: A Retrospective – Available October 2022
    • Paperback ($24.99)

“Our long-term goal with Press Run is to create an ever-growing library of great books covering a wide array of topics, across a variety of formats and styles by a diverse lineup of authors. Press Run will exist to keep great books in circulation for as long as people want to have them,” Limited Run Games media researcher and Press Run curator, Jeremy Parish said in a statement.