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Limited Run Games and Konami Announces The Felix The Cat and Rocket Knight Games Are Getting Modern Re-releases for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch

"And you better care" says Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight Super Fan Mike Minotti

For old-school gamers, rejoice as it’s time to celebrate; both Felix the Cat and Retro Knight are getting re-releases later this year as Limited Run Games has announced its teaming up with Konami and Universal Products & Experiences to bring the classic games to modern gamers with enhancements expected of classic game remasters for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, according to a press release.

Felix the Cat will see the re-release of its classic 1992 NES title and the 1993 Game Boy title in a bundle set to come out later this year. Limited Run Games is handling the development of the modern port through the company’s Carbon Engine, which is set to add modern additions to the Felix the Cat games, like save states and other quality-of-life fixes. While Konami handles the digital publishing of the collection, the physical release is, of course, being handled by Limited Run Games as two physical editions are planned.

The first one is the standard edition for those who want the physical console game that will feature a reversible cover and new art by Jonathan Kim and Mariel Cartwright. The other more expensive Limited Run Games edition is the Classic edition, which comes with not just the standard edition but a Physical CD soundtrack featuring original music from the Felix the Cat titles and a Reversible poster, which will be all packaged in a box inspired by the original Felix the Cat NES release.


As for Rocket Knight, the upcoming re-release titled Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked will come with Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 and Sparkster in one collection. Like Limited Run Games’ work on Felix the Cat, the Rocket Knight collection will also be developed in Carbon Engine. The modern release will add a new animated intro, rewind features, a boss rush mode, and a museum with never-before-seen content. Preorders for Limited Run Games’ physical Felix the Cat release will go up on February 9th and end on March 10th.

With the Rocket Knight coming with three games, the same number can be said for its physical release editions. Limited Run Games is releasing three different Rocket Knight physical releases, all available to preorder from January 19th through March 3rd. The first is the standard edition, which comes with the physical copy of the game, a reversible cover and a mini-comic.

The Classic edition includes everything in the standard edition: a physical CD soundtrack with original music for the Rocket Knight games, a reversible poster, a steel bookcase, and a Retro-inspired clamshell packaging with reversible cover art. Finally, the Ultimate Edition comes with everything in the previous two physical editions plus a Sparkster statuette, a Full-sized comic, a Design document collection, a Mini cartridge display case, and a Certificate of authenticity.


No release date for the Felix the Cat or Rocket Knight re-releases was officially announced, but it teased that more will be revealed later. Until then, Konami plans to give those looking forward to the release a preview of how the collections play during an IGN Fan Fest stream in February, where Konami will reveal another unannounced Carbon Engine collection.