Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth video game releases

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth Launches January 26, 2024

Announced earlier tonight at the RGG Summit Fall 2023, RGG Studio and Sega revealed Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is launching on January 26, 2024.

Earlier this year, a surprise reveal trailer took the community by storm. It shows protagonist Ichiban Kasuga waking up nude on a beach, unaware of his predicament until the last moment when a woman yells at his indecency in public.

We later learned that the original protagonist, Kiryu Kazuma, is returning as the Dragon of Dojima in a supporting role. Tonight at the stream, producers revealed Kiryu is not doing well, and he’s facing a sickness that is consuming him.

Today, the producers at the stream confirmed that players will be returning to Yokohama’s Isezaki Ijincho and Honolulu, Hawaii. Sega promises players will experience “one of a kind” combat with dynamic RPG battles where the battlefield is a weapon and anything can happen.

Minigames like Crazy Delivery, based on Sega’s Crazy Taxi, are included, and you can snap photos via Sicko Snap, fight it out in Sujimon battles, socialize online and find the girl of your dreams, and more.

In Hawaii, you can take several tours to learn new jobs, including samurai, desperado, geo dancer, pyromancer, housekeeper, action star, etc.

We also learned Danny Trejo is cast as the voice of Dwight, leader of the Barracudas, who supervises the largest counterfeit goods market in the world aided by his sharp sense of business and even sharper machete. Daniel Dae Kim is cast as the voice of Masataka Ebina, a ruthless captain of a yakuza syndicate.