Lies of P

Lies of P Shows Off A Bevy Of Weapons In Showcase Trailer

Less than two weeks before Lies of P launches, publisher Neowiz and developer Round8 Studio have put out a seven-minute-long gameplay trailer of its hotly anticipated Soulborne-like game with a focus on the game’s weapons that players will get their hands on.

The trailer shows off some selected weapons combined through two pieces of equipment as Lies of P focuses on the player’s creativity through crafting weapons rather than the everyday weapons you’ll find. With Lies of P‘s weapon crafting system, not every weapon you’ll create will be the same result, as players can craft hundreds of possible weapon combinations to choose from in the game. This means two players who pick up the game might use different weapons by the end of the game.

Some of the weapon combinations shown off in the showcase trailer are listed below:

  • Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade + Booster Glaive Handle – a curved blade with a long pole handle
  • Salamander Dagger Blade + Master Chef’s Knife Handle – a dagger with a chef knife’s handle
  • Wintry Rapier’s Blade + Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear Handle – a rapier with a handle that features a built-in-shield mechanism
  • Bone-Cutting Sawblade + Carcass Crystal Axe Handle – a sawblade with an axe handle
  • Live Puppet Axe’s Blade + Acidic Great Curved Sword Handle – a giant-axe weapon with a curved sword handle
  • Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade + Exploding Pickaxe Handle – a circular chainsaw blade with a handle that electrifies enemies
  • Coil Mjolnir Head + Big Pipe Wrench Handle – a giant hammer with a wrench handle
  • Proof of Humanity – a sword that can split into two in combat
  • Holy Sword of the Ark – a giant greatsword with a long curved hilt and a handle that extends
  • Uroboros’s Eye – a circular spinning blade that rips through enemies

Lies of P will launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S via Game Pass on September 19th.