Lies of P

Lies of P Reveals its First Gameplay Video

Neowiz and Round 8 Studios have given us our first look at Lies of P, the upcoming baroque action RPG inspired by the classic Italian novel from Carlo Collodi.

Lies of P is inspired by the novel by author Carlo Collodi and is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. You’ll play as Pinocchio and navigate through the deathly world shown in the trailer where all hope is lost and you must find Geppeto to understand what is happening to the world around you. And because of Pinocchio’s nature, you will be able to customize his body to fit the situation, including crafting, a system where the more you lie, the more human you become – a gameplay mechanic that affects the narrative and his nose grows based on each lie told.

More details about Lies of P will arrive latest this month at G-STAR, in Busan, South Korea which goes from November 17 to November 21.