Lies of P

Lies of P Launches This September

Neowize and Round 8’s Lies of P has been listed as launching this September. The news comes from Amazon Japan, where games are only listed when a release date is concrete.

The listing mentions September 19 as the launch day, and we know a trailer is set to be shown later today during Summer Game Fest, so the reveal lines up with what we already know. While an August window was previously teased, the September date is enough reason to believe we’ll have our answers this Fall.

Playing the titular character, you awaken in the remnants of a devasted city with the specific goal of finding Geppetto. From the trailer, it is undoubtedly a dark tale being told, and there are a lot of macabre monsters to battle against. You can craft weapons and even interact with those who have chosen to stay behind in the ruins. The caveat when playing Pinocchio is that the more lies told, the more human you become.

A demo is available on all supported platforms.